The small print

Terms & Conditions

Southview Holiday Apartments




The accommodation should not be occupied by more persons than stated in the booking. The management reserve the right to surcharge for accommodation if this number is exceeded. Following arrival, the management must be informed in advance of any visitors.


This reservation constitutes an agreement, and accordingly in the event of cancellation, deposits are not returnable. Any such cancellation received less than 21 days prior to the commencement of the accommodation reserved will be chargeable at the full contracted rate. Special conditions apply to amended reservations.


The management will not be deemed liable for acceptance of any reservation until formally acknowledged. The right to refuse a booking is reserved, in which case any deposit will be refunded by post.


We are sorry we cannot normally accept reservations from persons under 21 years of age or parties of young persons.


The management reserve the right to cancel accommodation at any time if in their opinion the behaviour of any resident or visitor is such that the comfort and enjoyment of others is affected. In such event no monies will be refunded.


Upon arrival we regret that we can only accept cheques if accompanied by a valid cheque guarantee card, cheques will only be accepted up to the value limit of the guarantee card.


The management do not hold themselves responsible for valuables left in the premises.


Car parking is at the car ownerís risk.


All breakages must be reported and paid for or replaced.


Due to smoke detectors being fitted, we adopt a NO SMOKING policy anywhere inside the premises.


Letís normally commence at 12.00am (or earlier by arrangement if the accommodation is available) and should be vacated no later than 10.00 am on day of departure.


For partially disabled persons ground floor accommodation is available. The suitability of these units will vary subject to the nature of the disability of the individual. If in doubt we highly recommend that we are contacted by telephone or that the property is viewed prior to reserving. We request that persons wishing to use motorised mobility units during occupation contact us when reserving accommodation. We regret that due to fire regulations and insurance restrictions, mobility scooters must not be brought into the interior of the property.




Your final account will be forwarded to you with your accommodation acknowledgement. The payment of the balance is due 21 days before the commencement of your reservation. We reserve the right to re-sell accommodation if payment is not received by the due date, (or if alternative arrangements are not made). Balance of payment for reservations received within 21 days of occupancy will be due on arrival.